ChatGPT's basic platformer

ChatGPT Platformer

Version 1.9

Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD to move and space or W to jump. 

I told you it was basic.

Version 0.1: Just A Start.

Prompt: Generate HTML script for a simple platformer.

Version 0.2: Somehow Even Worse.

Promt: Can you add jumping?

Unless you scroll really fast, you can't see it, but the player falls through the platform.

Version 0.3: Is It Just Me, Or Did Nothing Change?

Prompt: The player falls through the platform.

Same issue as before...

After several more attempts with the exact same result, I gave up and stared a new chat.

Version 1.0: An Actual Start.

Prompt: Generate HTML code for a basic platformer that has smooth gravity and movement along with jumping and collisions.

Note: I changed the border color and square color to work with this site's dark mode theme.

Version 1.1: Bigger and Platformier

Prompt: Can you make the canvas better and add a platform?

Note: Yet again I changed the border color. That's all though.

Version 1.2: Nothing's Changed. Why, ChatGPT?

Prompt: The player cannot jump off of the platform.

Note: Hi. Border color changed again. 

Version 1.3: Finally, Jumping Off the Platform!

Prompt: The player is still unable to jump off the platform.

Note: It's me again. Border color.

Version 1.4: Ow! My Head!

Prompt: Can you add head collisions?

Note: I changed the border color for dark mode and the square color for aesthetics.

Version 1.5: The More The Merrier

Prompt: Could you add a second platform?

Version 1.6: Triples

Prompt: Add a third platform and change the platform detection to lists to make adding platforms easier to implement.

Note: This took 4 more tries than shown in the title. I'll let you guess what the game was based on the prompts:

Version 1.7: I thought I was falling!

Prompt: Could you add coyote jumps?

Version 1.8: Crashing Into Walls

Prompt: Could you add wall collisions?

Note: This actually took uncountable prompts to complete, but all the code remains written by AI, other than me changing the frames for the coyote jump.

Version 1.9 (Current): Wasdy

Prompt: Add WASD controls